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Any earphones that fit snugly into your ear can be used during workouts. However those specially designed for sports have features to guarantee they won't fall monster beats out during exercise, feel comfortable for long workouts and are water and sweat-resistant.

I tested headphones while running, lifting weights, stretching, during boot camp classes, and other exercises. The following three sports headphone models stood out among all that I have tried. Other headphones would fall out of my ears, or the high tones would be tinny, or they would rub and feel uncomfortable soon after putting them on. Yurbuds, iSports, and the Sennheiser/Adidas models have good sound, are incredibly comfortable to wear for hours, and don't fall out even when I do a head stand or shake my head vigorously.

Yurbuds- Yurbuds are cheap monster beats earbud covers that fit snugly into your ear. Each box of Yurbuds come with three pair of different-sized covers and instructions for choosing the correct size to fit your ears. Twist the Yurbuds when you insert them into your ears and they will stay in place until you take them out.

The Yurbuds (slightly) improve the sound of your earbuds because it directs the sound into your ear canal. Because of the good fit, the Yurbuds block out some quieter sounds-my dog's panting, shuffling of footsteps behind me, and I can't really carry on a conversation-but I can hear cars and people yelling at me to pass. The rubberized covers also protect your earbuds from sweat. While Yurbuds come as a complete earphone, the Yurbud covers can be used on the earbuds that came with your phone or music player. When driving, I use a Yurbud cover on my bluetooth phone headset to hold it securely in my ear.

iSport by Monster beats outlet was started by Noel Lee, a musician and audio-aficionado. He was one of the partners behind the design of the popular Beats headphones, and has taken earbuds to new heights in quality, creating "ear speakers." If you want great sound when you are working out, the iSports should be your choice.

Make no mistake about it, to achieve this great sound, the iSports ear speakers block out ambient sound. To make sure they fit snugly in the ear canal, each pair of iSports "In-Ear Headphones" come with several sizes of "Pro sound Isolating Eartips." "Isolating" being the keyword here. I cannot hear ambient noise outdoors: not runners and bicyclists approaching from behind, not the words in a conversation, and not my monster beats outlet dog's panting. I can hear a loud bark, car engine that's close by, and I can hear that someone is yelling to pass, although only occasional do I understand what they are saying. When wearing the iSports, I can hear my own heavy breathing. Still, the sound quality is great and I can get lost in the music. I use the iSports when working out inside a gym where I don't want to hear other's conversations. If I start hearing my own breathing, I will loosen the fit. The colorful iSports come in blue, Livestrong Yellow, or black. Along with the eartips, each headphone comes with several sizes of sports clips to brace the headphones inside the ear. They work well, comfortably keeping the earphones in place.

Sennheiser/Adidas Monster beats Headphones (OMX 680i) - These headphones are my favorite. While I've never been fond of over-the-ear headphones (because they never seen to be the right shape to go behind my ears), these Sennheiser/Adidas sports headphones got it right. The rubber that goes around the ear is completely bendable and can be shaped to perfectly fit around your ear. I can wear them for hours comfortably.

Sennheiser has long had an excellent reputation for sound quality and these headphones live up to that reputation. Because the earbuds do not block surrounding sound, sound quality suffers slightly compared to Monster's iSports. Still, these headphones have the perfect balance of quality sound and safety. Unless I crank the music up too loud, I can have a conversation, hear my dog, shuffling footsteps, and any important ambient noises.

And also I Konw Monster Beats Studio Headphones

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Such peculiarities as tradition, graceful designs and perfect movements make every Rolex Watches an article for everyone admiration. Georges Favre-Jacot, the young, but celebrated founder of the Zenith Manufacture, left its timepieces the heritage of their own distinctive style, a union of tradition and innovation, classical refinement and up-to-date design.

Zenith replica Rolex Ladies Watche

Zenith, being around since 1865, has become firmly established in the horology world as a strong brand and in the past couple of years it has been actively launching its timepieces in the USA.

At the present moment the "Rolex Watch company belongs to LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy) under the guidance of Mr. Thierry Nataf, CEO. Having interrupted the production of all the quartz calibers, Zenith is launching only mechanical movements.

The formation of Zenith Electronics Corporation led to the fact that for many years it was difficult to find a"Rolex in the US. Those Americans interested in purchasing a Zenith, had an alternative of buying it brand Movado, or imported the timepieces themselves from foreign sellers. The Zenith Company became the first among few others that introduced and mass-produced automatic winding chronograph, the El-Primero, which is still in production nowadays. The El-Primero became the only movement produced by another manufacturer utilized by Rolex in their most successful products for really long time. It symbolizes the standard all chronographs should be compared with.

Zenith represents one of just four "Rolex Watches sale manufactures in the world that craft their timepieces completely in-house. Among its recent most prominent developments, there is Rose Gold Class Elite Automatic with Power Reserve wristwatch, which appeared due to the combined efforts of 15 master discount Rolex Watchesmakers. It takes six months to complete this special timepiece.

The miniature"replica Rolex Watches comprises 180 elements, each fulfilling between five and 50 operations. All Class Elite timepieces have been supplied with automatic movements of 28,800 vibrations per hour. The Rolex Mens Watches is powered by the motion of the owner, so even the slightest movement winds the watch. The Power Reserve function of the model provides the timepiece with ticking for up to 50 hours without any movement. The Power Reserve gauge on the "Rolex Mens Watch face will tell the watch owner how long the timepiece has stayed still.

replica Rolex Ladies Watchesintroduce all watch lovers into the world of supreme precision, beauty and innovation.

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